Amos and Andy & Holy Mackerel

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Andy       : Yes, ah has! Ah done it lotsa times!

"Holih mackle, dae-uh, brothuh Andih!"

Holih-Mackle is the phonetic "rendering" (in what appears to be a phoney
African-American dialect) of the real Irish-American Dialect exclamation
Holy Mackerel.

Holy mackerel's real Irish orthography is also easy for non-Irish literate
eyes to "see," except for the aspirated "f" of fuil, meaning "lineage" or

Holy mackerel !
Oille mac ri/ogh-fhuil ! (the "f" is  silent; pron. h-olly mac reo-uill)
Great Royal Blooded Son !

Oille: Great, Noble.
Mac :Son
Ri/ogh : Royal  (the / indicates the diacritical)
fuil : "blood," lineage, tribe, "race'  (the "f" of fhuil is not pron.)

Holy Gee
Oille Dia   (pron. holly djee; slender "d" = "j")
Great God.

"Hully Gee" was the famous comic character The Yellow Kid's motto in the

Holy Mackerel is as Irish-American as Mackerelville in the East 20s of old
NYC. It was a saol lom (slum) that gave birth to Tammany Boss Dick Croker's
feared Mackerel Gang of the 1870s and 80s.

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