"Nothing lasts longer than a temporary government program"

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Today's NEW YORK SUN attributed this quotation to Ronald Reagan. As usual, the SUN is probably wrong.

If I write in, it won't be published. You know how these things work. Hell, I wrote in to the GLOBE AND MAIL and told them that "the Big Apple" doesn't come from whores. Nothing. My whole life is like this.

This quotation has been listed as one of the most important that Bartlett left out. But is "permanent" really "lasts longer," and is the author really Milton Friedman? And when?

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19 August 2004
The New York Sun
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We were reminded of President Reagan's old aphorism, "There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program," when we learned that Mayor Bloomberg may have to break his promises to New York taxpayers. "The personal income tax is going to sunset on schedule," Mr. Bloomberg told New Yorkers in his January 2004 State of the City address. "The sales tax surcharge will also be phased out as scheduled."

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• Excerpt from page 51 "... nothing lasts longer than a temporary government program. Remarks at Herbert Hoover Library, ..."

"Nothing lasts longer than a temporary government program."
-August 8, 1992



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27 October 1993
The Plain Dealer Cleveland, OH
(Copyright (c) The Plain Dealer 1993)

A sampling of quotes that conservative editor Adam Meyerson says should have been included in Bartlett's "Familiar Quotations":

Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program." - Milton Friedman.

"I prefer to call the most obnoxious feminists what they really are: feminazis." - Rush Limbaugh.

"You spend a billion here and a billion there. Sooner or later it adds up to real money." - Everett Dirksen.

"Let us beware that while they (Soviet rulers) preach the supremacy of the state, declare its omnipotence over individual man, and predict its eventual domination over all the peoples of the earth, they are the focus of evil in the modern world. ... I urge you to beware the temptation ... to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of any evil empire, to simply call the arms race a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil." - Ronald Reagan.

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." - Ronald Reagan.

"They have the usual socialist disease; they have run out of other people's money." - Margaret Thatcher.

"When Marxist dictators shoot their way into power in Central America, the San Francisco Democrats don't blame the guerrillas and their Soviet allies, they blame United States policies of 100 years ago. But then they always blame America first." - Jeane Kirkpatrick.

"A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away." - Barry Goldwater.

Re: Get Back on Welfare Where You Belong!
... As Milton Friedman reminds us, "There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program." Anyway, forcing people together (particularly in a way which ...
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