Oh, THAT Simon!

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Fri Aug 20 21:05:35 UTC 2004

In a message dated 8/20/04 4:53:50 PM, nee1 at MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU writes:

> >Sure he didn't say "Solomon?" Who is Simon Cowell?
> Not a watcher of American Idol? Mind you, I have never seen it, but I
> saw the ads and some commentary. The gentleman in question is now
> showing up on a Vanilla Coke ad.
> Barbara Need
> UChicago--Linguistics

Oh, thanks, Barbara--THAT Simon! I HAVE seen him sneering at contestants
whilst I walked through the TV room (my partner is obsessed with IDOL, as are most
of my friends--never having wished for a singing career myself, I find it
tedious). But does he really JUDGE anything? I thought the judges were the
call-in audience? The "panel" seems just to make comments. But then, maybe it was
just nasty comments that were called for in the beer-drinking contest.

I'm afraid I'd have just thought he said "Solomon" (or thought he didn't know
the difference between Sololmon and Simon) and gone on about my day.

--Butters (and, yes, I DO know about the character with the same name on
SOUTH PARK, to whom I am as devoted as some folks are to Simon Caswell or whatever
his name is. I am not COMPLETELY cut off from conrtemporary culture!)

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