Not in HDAS?

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Aug 22 03:16:57 UTC 2004

>The BE meaning, "vagina, female genitalia," seems to be missing from
>the HDAS definitions of "cock."

It's there, sense 3. The earliest citation has "cock" in unisex sense, like
"sex organ [of either sex]".

There is also the sense "sex" (3b).

When I was young I'd hear sometimes "get some cock" meaning the same as
"get some pussy/poontang", i.e., "get some sex". Here it's not clear
whether the basic or original sense was anatomical or related to the activity.

I also used to hear "cock story" meaning "dirty/sexy story" ... i.e., a
story about sex (not a story about a sex organ).

I suspect that the progression was "cock" = "penis", then
"sex"/"f*ck[ing]", then "sex organ", then "female sex organ".

I showed a while back an early instance of "poontang" = "sex" (I think),
apparently not "female sex organ"; I suppose this term also went from "sex"
to "female sex organ". Partridge mentions Canadian slang "poontanger" =
"penis", I suppose from "poontang" = "f*ck".

Of course it's hard to be sure since the early printed record may be a bit

-- Doug Wilson

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