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_Awful poems sought and found: From span to Google, flarf redefines random_
"If you have a Googled/cut up poem that still has most of its social filters 
set too high, it may be interesting poetry but it's probably not flarfy."
--VILLAGE VOICE, August 25-31, 2004, pg. 48.
FLARF--892 Google hits, 2,910 Google Groups hits
FLARF + POETRY--276 Google hits, 335 Google Groups hits
"Flarf" is not in OED, not in HDAS, and not in WordSpy. Also, not on 
Double-Tongued Word Wrester, a seeming flarf-friendly place.
FlaRF is the Florida Renaissance fair.
... To steal another formulation from O'Hara, flarf being surer and quicker 
poetry, it is only just that flarf finish poetry off. ****. ... 
epc.buffalo.edu/authors/ bernstein/syllabi/readings/flarf.html - 35k - Cached 
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{lime tree}: Flarf?
... Flarf came about a couple of years ago when Gary Sullivan submitted a 
bad poem to Poetry.com, one of those vanity companies that lures the ... 
limetree.ksilem.com/archives/000173.html - 8k - Cached - Similar pages 
Re: BBC & Flarf
... consist of me reading the last 4 or 5 lines of "Stupidity Owns Me" from 
and then explaining that Flarf is intentionally bad poetry that involves ... 
alt.confusion.at-its-finest - May 10, 2004 by noemata - View Thread (1 
Issues of Style (was: Enough Nodwigabilia)
... You've mentioned my poetry long enough, you might just tempt me. ... 
be sore. You have no idea, flarf, what literature can do. ... 
rec.arts.books - Nov 1, 1998 by Philip Nikolayev - <A HREF="http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&c2coff=1&threadm=norvhkzibxu.fsf_-_%40login4.fas.harvard.edu&rnum=244View Thread (9 articles)
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7 5.45 ... 1
1.13 christnet.healing 2 3.06 christnet.ladies 1 1.17 christnet.poetry 1 1.59 
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OKOLEHAO--848 Google hits, 59 Google Groups hits
okolehao [oh-koh-leh-HAH-oh] An 80 PROOF Hawaiian liquor made from a mash
of the TI plant. ... Okolehao is known on the islands as oke . ... 
eat.epicurious.com/dictionary/ food/index.ssf?DEF_ID=2954 - 43k - Cached - 
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> Why would anybody think it was?
> "Okolehao": lots of Google hits.

Yes, I meant "Okolehao." I might have earlier than 1895 in my Hawaiian 
materials...Google usually corrects me on these spelling things, but I got "Did you 
"HOLY COW" COINAGE: "Why would anybody think it was?" You mean, people can 
believe any etymology about anything, and publish anything anywhere without 
correction, EXCEPT "Holy Cow"? Here are two examples:
Harry Caray's Chicago: The Splendid Table
... A large plastic replica of a cow with holes in it pays tribute to Harry, 
who coined
the expression "Holy Cow!" The famous homemade potato chips served at the ... 

splendidtable.publicradio.org/ whereweeat/stern_harrycaray.shtml - 11k - 
Cached - Similar pages 

Yahoo! Directory Sportscasters > Harry Caray
... and about Harry. Harry Caray WAS Baseball - offers a tribute to the man
who coined the phrase "Holy Cow."; Harry Caray's Restaurant ... 
Sportscasters/Caray__Harry__1917_1998_/ - 20k - Cached - Similar pages 

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