ADS-L Digest - 24 Aug 2004 to 25 Aug 2004 (#2004-239)

Daniel Cassidy DanCas1 at AOL.COM
Thu Aug 26 06:15:39 UTC 2004

Oille Cathu/   (pron Holy or Hully Cow;  the "th" is silent)
Great Sorrow!  Great Regret!   also Great Conlfict or Battle!

Oille: Great, vast.

Cathu/ : (1) Conflict, battle. (2) Sorrow, regret.

Oille Mac Riogh-fhuil  (pron Holy Mackerel)
Great Royal-blooded Son!

Oille Dia   (Holy Djee)
Great God!

Daniel Cassidy
An Leann Eireannach
Colaiste Nuadh

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