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When Bill calls himself a libercon he means libertarian conservative. In
the Times there is an unrelated 1965 hit speaking of Tocqueville and then,
10 years later, Bill's first use of "libertarian conservative." I am pretty
sure this is the first time he's called himself a libercon. Normally, and
since around 1987, he's been calling himself a "libcon."

Kathleen E. Miller
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At 06:59 AM 8/31/2004, you wrote:
>Our dear friend Bill Safire has outted himself in his most recent column:
>"I'm more of a new libercon than an old neocon, but such a determined mind-set
>on our time's paramount issue--of global safety in freedom--attracts me to the
>crowd in New Yori that points with pride at what we're doing rather than the
>bunch in Boston that viewed with alarm all we've done."
>Other than a few references to Canadian politics and a ranting blogger, I have
>been unable to find an origin.  And what exactly is a "libercon"?  A reformed
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