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Early American Newspapers has added much stuff.

  3. [A slang name, of which the real origin appears to be lost.]    a. A drink, consisting of spirit mixed with a small quantity of bitters, some sugar, etc. orig. U.S.

  1806 Balance (Hudson, N.Y.) 13 May 146 Cock tail, then, is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters. 1809 W. IRVING Knickerb. (1861) 241 They lay claim to be the first inventors of those recondite beverages, cock-tail, stone-fence, and sherry-cobbler. 1837 J. E. ALEXANDER Narr. Voy. Colonies W. Africa I. ix. 223 He invited us to take ‘gin sling’, or ‘cock-tail’, at the side-table. 1839 MARRYAT Diary Amer. Ser. I. III. 288 He frequents the bar, calls for gin cocktails, chews tobacco, and talks politics. 1843 DICKENS Mart. Chuz. xvi. 202 He could..drink more rum-toddy, mint-julep, gin-sling, and cocktail, than any private gentleman of his acquaintance. 1882 J. HAWTHORNE Fortune's Fool I. xxvii, I would make no more of burglariously entering your premises..than I would of swallowing a whisky cocktail. 1931 M. DE LA ROCHE Finch's Fortune vi. 103 He..sipped cocktails in the lounge. 1948 New Yorker 6 Nov. 64/2 Cocktails are now so numerous that no bartender..can remember how to make all of them. 1968 New Society 22 Aug. 266/1 Cocktails, in ‘We're going out to cocktails’, is non-U.

Headline: For the Pittsfield Sun;
Paper: The Sun;   Date: 1806-05-24;   Vol: VI;   Iss: 296;   Page: [4];

Is it by the honest means of argument or sound reasoning? Or is it by publishing grog stories, and strictures on "_cock tail_"?

  July 30, 1835    SunA Correspondent at Goshen, (Says the Cultivator) Sonds Us the following Directions for Making Superior Indian Johnny-Cakes

Headline: [No Headline];
Paper: The Connecticut Gazette;   Date: 1792-12-27;   Vol: XXX;   Iss: 1520;   Page: [3];
...and made the last of her meal into a jonny cake this morning before I came from home.

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