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The first two can be further antedated:

> all-star team (OED3 draft entry has 1905):
>    Los Angeles Times, Nov 26, 1897, p. 2
>    New Jersey's all-star team fell before the Chicago Athletic eleven
>    at Washington Park oval this morning.

1890 Chicago Daily Tribune 10 June 2/3 Comiskey's all star
team shut out at Pittsburg.

> all-star game (OED3 draft entry has 1933):
>    Colorado Springs (Colorado) Gazette, February 1, 1914, p. 18
>    The All-Star game at San Francisco will give them this opportunity
>    and you may be sure they will grasp it and that the park where the
>    games will be staged will hold record crowds at each game.
>    [Referring to a seven-game series between American and National
>    League all-star teams at the Panama Exposition in 1915.]

1897 Chicago Daily Tribune 1 Nov. 4/1 Preparations have been
completed for an "all star" game on that afternoon.

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