Wait in Times Square (1926); Limerick; More Whores

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I did check the Archives, Barry, and from what I could find, the mystery remains.  Somebody needs to fly to Cambridge this afternoon and poke around.


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See the ADS-L archive for my posts on this word.


(I just added the following to my web site. I remember this proverb from way
back in the 1960s. Although you don't hear it today, I think it can be Fred

Times Square has always been crowded with people. It's an old New York City
proverb that, if you wait long enough in Times Square, everyone you know
will pass by you. The proverb dates back to at least 1926.

But don't wait in Times Square. Keep moving - we need the sidewalk space!

19 March 1926, New York Herald Tribune, pg. 8:
"Wait in Times Square and eventually everyone you know will pass" is a
proverb that this great new edifice perceptibly strengthens, since it is
attracting the attention of the highest type of commercial organizations in a number
of industries.
(An ad for the Paramount Building at the Cross-Roads of the World - ed.)
4 March 1950, Los Angeles Times, pg. 2:
One of them said he has always heard that if you stayed in a certain spot
long enough, you would be sure to meet everybody in the world - but, he said,
the way he heard it was you were supposed to wait in Times Square. "Must be the
Farmers Market is the place where you'll meet everybody, sooner or later."
We concur.
(This is a Farmers Market ad - ed.)


I spotted this book at the local Barnes & Noble. Amazon states that it came
out in late October of this year.

_New York: The Unknown City (The Unknown City)_
0357756-6070305?v=glance&s=books&n=507846) by Brad Dunn, Daniel Hood

Added to my work on the "Big Apple"--that never credits me--is "manzana
principal." This was something that the black stablehand surely never said or
thought of, but was a Big Apple guess made almost fifty years later.

Below that, in a long paragraph, are the whores.

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