"Dipe" in "Dipe-ducat" (subway ticket) in 1922 "Flappers' Dictionary

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Dec 12 06:46:21 UTC 2004

>There's also the pickpocketing slang "go on the dipe" that appears in Mark
>Twain's _Life On The Mississippi_.  Twain quotes a letter supposedly
>written by an ex-convict to a current convict and provides parenthetical
>glosses for the "thieves' argot":
>    The afternoon of the 3rd day I spent my last 10 cts for moons
>    (LARGE, ROUND SEA-BISCUIT) & cheese & i felt pretty rough & was
>    thinking i would have to go on the dipe (PICKING POCKETS) again,
>    when i thought of what you once said about a fellows calling on
>    the Lord when he was in hard luck...
>    http://www.mtwain.com/Life_On_The_Mississippi/52.html

This would seem to be an error for "dip". This passage appears under "dip"
in HDAS. There are some other odd spellings in the same passage.

-- Doug Wilson

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