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Andrew Kopkind, _Hard Times_ 30 June 1969: (reporting the June 1969 SDS

But the most significant ideological force with SDS was a group of 11 New
York and Midwestern activists and intellectuals who had drawn up an
analytical and programmatic thesis called, simply, "You Don't Need a
Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows" (the title is from Dylan - a
characteristic weapon for that group to use against PL). "Weatherman" was
a 16,000-word paper which made the first and crucial attempt at defining
an ideology and a program for SDS as a movement of the most aggressive
part of white radical youth. As a basic platform, it was the first major
overhaul SDS has had since the "Port Huron Statement" and "America and the
New Era," long ago (five years seems like a century) in the organization's
post-liberal infancy and puberty.

quoted in _Weatherman_ ed. Harold Jacobs (1970)


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