Tikka Masala (1969, sort of)

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Well, it's close. "Chicken tikka."

by Santha Rama Rau
and the Editors of
Time-Life Books
New York: TIme-Life Books
1969, 1975

Pg. 160:
Huge silver trays were passed to the guests, bearing bowls of nuts, _bhujiyas_, or slices of vegetables dipped in chick-pea batter and fried crisp, tiny spiced meatballs, small boiled potatoes with a choice of chutneys, one of tamarind, salt and chilies and the other of green mint and coriander, _tikka kabobs_ (piece of boned chicken rubbed with a _masala_ and grilled), along with many other sharp or salty hors d'oeuvre.

Pg. 183: Among the most popular dishes in Pakistan and Bangladesh are _shami kabab_ (curried meatballs), chicken _tikka_ (grilled chicken), _shish kabab_ (skewered lamb, beef or chicken), and beef _biriyani_ (cubes of beef cooked with rice and various spices).

Pg. 198 (Glossary):
Boned or ground chicken pieces rubbed or mixed with _masala_ and then grilled.

OFF TOPIC TRIP: Thanks Bill. That sounds great. Maybe I will go to Northern Florida and Southern Alabama next month...Sorry for the typing mistakes. I realized that one message went to Ben Zimmer and not to the list and quickly typed the header. No defense to my other typos.

WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT?--Ethos (www.ethosrestaurant.com), 495 Third Avenue, at East 33rd Street. I just wanted a piece of fish for a late lunch/early dinner. There aren't many Greek places around here on the East side. Not as good as Uncle Nick's, but better service. (I was the only one in the place at this hour.)

WHERE DID BARRY POPIK GO FOR DESSERT?--Jon Vie Pastries and Cafe. I gotta walk a hun'red blocks, it was so good.

'Let Them Eat Cake' Is No Longer a Formula for a Bakery's Survival

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Sitting next to a mural of the Arc de Triomphe while polishing off a napoleon or an ├ęclair, a first-time customer might have thought that Jon Vie Pastries and Cafe in Greenwich Village was an authentically French mainstay of a Manhattan quarter that resembles the Left Bank.

But Jon Vie was started 42 years ago by two men named John and Vito. ...

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