"Death takes a holiday" (1925)

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This is on Google News. The idea that people can cheat death and hang on for Christmas, a birthday, or what have you has been declared a myth.

I couldn't find "death takes a holiday" before the play and film of that name.

"Death takes a holiday" an illusion
Xinhua, China - 18 hours ago
BEIJING, Dec. 22 -- The common perception that terminally ill people can hold fast to life is just an illusion, a recent study showed. ...
Notion that death takes a holiday debunked Quad City Times
Study Refutes Notion That Death Takes a Holiday Forbes
Evidence Indicates Cancer Patients Unable to Intentionally ... Kansas City infoZine
The Globe and Mail (subscription) - drkoop.com - all 193 related »

1932 New Yorker 23 July 2/2 (Advt.), Rockland Producing Company ‘Death Takes a Holiday’: Fri., July 22.

Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
The Boys Next Door (1986)
 aka "Death Takes a Holiday" - USA (working title)
Death Takes a Holiday (1971) (TV)

The Critical Circus
by GEORGE JEAN NATHAN. Forum (1886-1930). New York: Jun 1930. Vol. VOL. LXXXIII, Iss. No. 6; p. 366 (2 pages)

Odds-and-Ends of Stage-News
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: Jul 19, 1925. p. C2 (1 page)
"Death Takes a Holiday," an Italian play by Alfredo Cassello, is announced for production in this country by Horace Liveright, of the firm Boni & Liveright, book publishers.

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