second thoughts on Nkinis

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Sat Dec 25 18:22:47 UTC 2004

> To the best of my understanding of French, "Defense de klaxonner"
> means "it
> is forbidden to sound a Klaxon horn".  I do not see what these words
> are doing
> here, unless "klaxonner" means "to wear a sexy garment".

Perhaps it is intended to mean, "It is forbidden to honk at the girls
in revealing swimsuits"?

> Also, since "k" appears in French only in foreign words, "klaxonner"
> is a blatant example of Franglais.

Yes, I believe that is so. "Klaxon" was an American manufacturer's
name. OED has it to 1910.

Grant Barrett

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