Banana and Peanut Butter Sadnwiches ("The Elvis") (1930)

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Flushing. I was on a Queens walk that ended in the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows
Corona Park. (I hadn't been there in 40 years, since about 1964. I looked around
for the World of Tomorrow, but it wasn't there anymore.) I had a box of tofu
for  $2!
WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT ON SUNDAY?--Neptune Diner in an Astoria, Queens
walk. This has been voted the best diner in Queens many times. I had fish, baked
 potato, veg, and egg-lemon soup for $13.95. Can't beat that.
WHAT ABOUT THE DONUT PLANT?--I finally went to the Donut Plant on Grand
Street. I bought one donut of each kind. It's $2 a donut. Heck, I just had eight
dumplings for the same $2, or tofu. I took one bite and realized it was a
sugary  mess. I don't like them! I tried to pass the rest off on the doormen.
I read in the Queens Tribune that Mama's Empanadas (_www.mamasempanadas.com_
( ) offers an  "Empanada de 'Elvis'--peanut
butter with sweet banana patties" for $1.50.
Elvis didn't invent the combination.
14 July 1935, Zanesville Signal (Ohio), pg. 12, col. 3:
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches--Ingredients: Loaf bread, butter,  peanut
butter, sliced bananas, lettuce. Method of Making: Cream the butter and
spread on the loaf before cutting each thin slice. Then cut these slices again
either diagonally or straight across to form either triangular or rectangular
slices. The crust should be trimmed away. SPread one slice with peanut butter
and cover with slices banana. Then spread with salad dressing and cover with a
 section of lettuce leaf then place over it the other slice of bread. These
may  be made several hours before needed and placed in a towel in the
Box 68, Gratint (illegible-ed.), O.
16 August 1930, Chicago Daily Tribune, pg. 9:
Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches.
6 May 1934, Washington Post, pg. MS4:
Several years ago a friend was seen spreading peanut butter on a banana.
Today, chopped banana-and-peanut butter sandwiches are listed on the menus of
tea rooms in nearly every city in the country
18 June 1935, Washington Post, pg. 11:
For Children's Luncheons.
5. This banana and peanut butter sandwich is another favorite. Spread thin
slices of white bread with cooked salad dressing. SPread one side with peanut
butter and top the other with thin rounds of ri[pe bananas. Put the two slices
 together. Serve these sandwiches immediately after they have been made.

Ordinarily, I'd be in some place like Vietnam or Cuba or Australia or
Zanzibar or Mali as I have the past few years, but I've been most everywhere. As  it
turns out, I probably would have died from a tidal wave. Don't make waves...I
 thought I'd revisit NY's ethnic neighborhoods, which I haven't seen since I
came  to NYC in 1988-89..
While in Bhutan in late October, I e-mailed Adventures Abroad and asked  them
what tours were open for Christmas. There was no response. A few days  later,
I e-mailed again. I'm Barry Popik, your best customer. I've been with you
twenty-five times. Not that I'll go anywhere, but what's available? And again,
there was no response. And the tour guide, who was bizarrely unfriendly and
humiliating to me all trip, told me that it was my fault, it was a stupid
question to ask, no way they'd answer that. And I thought, if I phoned the
office, they'd answer this in two minutes. So I e-mailed a third time about
Christmas trips. Listen, I'm Barry Popik. BARRY POPIK! PLEASE ANSWER ME! I'M A  HUMAN
BEING! MUST HAVE ANSWER FROM HUMAN BEING! And there was still no  answer..(I
did get a letter a few weeks later that the tourist office was  messing up.)
Ah, New York ain't too bad if you stay away from Rockefeller  Center.

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