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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Dec 31 02:53:23 UTC 2004

Below you will find the second annual compilation of selected (by me)
entries from students' NEWJs (New English Word Journals), collected
during the course of the past semester and submitted as one of the
assignments for the Yale undergraduate course in the Structure and
History of English Words.  My TA Rashad Ullah and I tried to purge
words extant before 2003, with a bit of leeway for meritorious
holdovers.  The "oldies but goodies" that missed the list tended to
come from hip-hop lingo that students apparently didn't have the
patience to disconfirm via google/Nexis or web-based slang lexicons
(e.g. _crunk_ or _tight_ 'cool'), ordinary long-standing college
slang (e.g.  _boot_ 'vomit', _sexile_) or other long-extant slang,
often including words discussed here (_dipstick_ as  euphemism for
'dipshit', _Chrismukkah_, and in one case, believe it or not,
_splitsville_), or other cases of very nice but existing words (my
favorite of these being  _breadcrumbing_ , for web/gaming technology
that enables one to keep track of  sites previously visited, a la
Hansel & Gretel, which does go back a few years).  I've deleted
clippings and blends that are Yale-specific in reference.  Still,
there are some nice ones that made the cut.  Three student
inventories included the elegant _blognoscenti_, which may make one
of our WOTY lists; _blogosphere_, on the other hand, was too
early-attested for this assignment but may nevertheless merit
consideration on Jan. 7.   (Apparently the (generic) Blogger almost
outpointed GWB in Time's Person of the Year vote this week.)


P.S.  In particular, have any of you come across this particular _an_
before?  Or _frape_?

Aberzombie, n. ('drawing its meaning from the empty-eyed,
oh-so-seductively-disillusioned-looking models that advertise for
such stores as Abercrombie & Fitch, Aberzombie refers not only to
those individuals, but to the hordes of young people who follow their

alcoho, n. (blend, sort of, of alcohol + ho) 'one who wants very much
to get drunk, a booze-slut'

an, stressed indef. article '(only) one' (before consonants), as in
"I can't help you, I'm only an person" or "I can't afford a sandwich,
I have, like, an dollar"

bag fries, n. cpd. 'the French fries that fall out of their separate
containers and end up at the bottom of the larger bag'

bitchest, superlative adj. (< bitch adj.) 'the most difficult'

blognoscenti, n. 'the cognoscenti of the blogosphere'

box, v. 'to die' (medical slang, ref. to coffin:  "The patient boxed")

dank, adj. 'cool, awesome' (< a particular variety of "really good
weed" metonymically named for the damp environment in which its grown)

Deaniac, n. 'an adherent of Howard Dean's ill-fated campaign'

dubes, adj. 'dubious' (reflects a productive clipping of adjectives
also seen in obs 'obvious')

e-lationship, n. 'a romantic relationship conducted or initiated online'

entrywaycest, n. (specialization of earlier doorcest, floorcest)
'romantic/sexual relationship with someone who shares one's residence
hall entryway'

facebook, v. 'to look someone up/check someone out in Yale's online
facebook or at'  (the noun is a couple of years
old, but the verb is new)

fetch, adj. 'cool' (a neologism unsuccessfully advanced in movie "Mean Girls")

frape, v. 'to make overly strong and/or unwelcome attempts at friendship'

fruish, v. 'to come to fruition' (back-formation analogous to transish)

homo, n. 'hypothetical organ controlling one's level of gayness', as
in "Your homo is acting up"

hypocracy, n. 'government by hypocrites, as the current
administration' (orthographic pun)

ish(1), n. 'shit'

ish(2) , adj.? 'sort of' (a liberated suffix)

iStalking, n. 'the creepy practice of stalking a person by gathering
information about him or her via online databases such as or iTunes lists'
(an google hit, from September issue of Yale Herald)

Jesusland, n. 'proposed national entity formed from red-state
America, with blue states affixed to existing country to the north
and reconstituted as the United States of Canada'

jewfro, n. (clip-blend of Jew + afro)  [the sort of hair associated
with Art Garfunkel; not *that* new]

liedar, n. (clip-blend, analogical formation from gaydar, Jewdar,
etc.) 'ability to determine whether someone is telling the truth or

moke, n. 'male homosexual' [possibly evolved from other slang senses
of the word?]

pound, v. either 'drink quickly, chug' or 'have sex'

Presinator  'the designation for Arnold Schwarzenegger if he becomes president'
(< Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, 11/22/04)

procrasturbate, v. 'to put off accomplishing tasks or waste time by
(literally or figuratively) masturbating' (cf. extended meaning of
jack/jerk off)

prostitot 'a female adolescent or pre-adolescent who dresses like a
Sunset Strip streetwalker' [a few years old]

riwankulous, adj. '(very) ridiculous' (< wang substituting for
synonymous dick; cf. earlier ricockulous)

security mom, n. cpd. 'a suburban woman with children whose primary
concern is her family's safety from terrorist threat [as member of
potential voting bloc' (cf. soccer mom)

sextasy, n. 'combination of Viagra and Ecstasy (MDMA), used as club drug'

-sexual coinages, n., e.g. mochasexual, vegesexual (cf. metrosexual,

wardrobe malfunction, n. cpd.:  disingenuous description of an
"accidental" removal of part of one's outfit, thereby uncovering a
normally covered body part (gratia Janet Jackson and Justin
Timberlake); leader in the clubhouse for Euphemism of the Year vote

West Hartford switchblade, n. cpd. (cf. Welsh rabbit, Bronx cheer) 'a
key for a BMW or similar car that pops open automatically when button
is pushed'

winona, v. 'to shoplift, pilfer' (gratia Ms. Ryder), often in
trivializing context:
"I winona'd/winonaed a few of your paper clips"

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