Varsity's (Atlanta) "Through the Garden" (1973)

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   I re-checked this "hot dog" phrase, and the earliest seems to be Atlanta's famous Varsity--not Chicago.

Fond Du Lac Reporter - 8/25/1973
...with cream is Joe he explained. "Two HOT DOGS with mustard, two yellow DOGS. A.....all THE way? My boys say, 'Run it THROUGH THE GARDEN.'" Gordy, who now has two.....150-foot chrome sandwich counters or drive THROUGH THE double-deck curb-service lot each.....In9 Serves Patrons Daily ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) THE man who calls himself "THE grandaddy of..
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin   Saturday, August 25, 1973  630 k
Pg. 13, col. 6:
   Generations of customers have learned the short-order jargon Gordy said his carhops (Col. 7--ed.) invented.  "Coffee with cream is Joe Ree," he explained.  "Two hot dogs with mustard, two yellow dogs.  A hamburger all the way?  My boys say, 'Run it through the garden.'"

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