Zip Sauce (from Detroit)

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   "Zip sauce" is a regional American dish (Detroit).  DARE??
   There are 293 Google hits.  I found this while looking at Phaedrus "Finder of Lost Recipes."  There's nothing at all on

  Zip Sauce
Submitted by: Kim
 "This is the famous zip sauce that goes with steak served locally in Detroit. It really brings out the best in beef, and adds a spicy punch to the flavor."

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> Dear Uncle P
> High end Italian restaurants in the Detroit area serve "zip sauce" with
> a filet of beef. I don't know how to descibe the sauce other than it is
> oily, buttery and beefy all at the same time. I understand clarified
> butter is a large part of the sauce. I believe a product called Flavor
> Glo is also used in the sauce, possibly as a flavor enhancer. I have
> tried a copycat recipe on the website, but it isn't
> the real thing. The sauce seems to be a closely guarded secret.
> Can you find out how they make the real thing Uncle P ?
> Dave
> Sauceless in Detroit

Hello Dave,

I didn't have much luck. The one on beef.allrecipes is everywhere, and it claims to be like what Detoit restaurants serve. I'll take your word that it's not right. I did find another one, but it's very similar to that one. it's below. The only thing I could flind on "Flavor Glow" (Nothing at all on "Flavor Glo"), was that there's a gravy mix with that name.There is a source for it here:">Most Popular



The Palm wants hands of time to fly at lunch
624 words
2 June 2003
Crain's Detroit Business
Small wonders at Small Plates

If you're looking for something in between the two aforementioned options for lunch, try Small Plates on Broadway just behind the Detroit Opera House. The tapas-style menu - hence the restaurant's name - has a variety of choices.

If chicken florentine is the special, order it. However, you can't go wrong with the rest of the menu, although the portabello mushroom in zip sauce is a little salty for some tastes (i.e.: mine).

Detroit Free Press (MI)

Published on April 10, 1996. 976 words
Article 13 of 13 found.

BY    SUSAN SELASKY Free Press Test Kitchen Director

Twenty years ago Michael Jepko had every intention of pursuing a job as a land surveyor.

That didn't happen.

While Jepko was in the Army, his stepfather, Alfred Valente, opened Maria's Pizzaria, a carry-out in Detroit. So, after spending two years in the Army studying to be a surveyor, Jepko joined the family business.

Jepko, 40, head chef at Ristorante di Maria in West Bloomfield (1-810-851-2502, 4:30-11 daily) was tagged two weeks ago by Patrick Roettele of the

(There are 13 hits.  This appears to be the best.  I don't feel like paying $2.95 for this.  Maybe Fred's Nexis has it?--ed.)

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