New Books

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Tue Feb 3 16:24:04 UTC 2004

Just a quick note to point out two new language-related books which
have come my way and deserve more attention.

In August, Dick Bailey published his biography of a thieving and
murdering American philologist. "Rogue Scholar: The Sinister Life &
Celebrated Death of Edward H. Rulloff" (2003. U. of Michigan Press) has
that winning combination of quality scholarship and great readability.
It is even dramatic, particularly in the courtroom and at the gallows.
Great use of primary source material, and a realistic portrayal of
another century.

Paul McFedries has thanked just about everyone on this list in the
preface, but there are more reasons than name-checking to take a look
at his book, "Word Spy: The Word Lover's Guide to Modern Culture"
(2004, Broadway Books). In it, he thematically treats new words of the
last decade or two, drawing them together in a way that illustrates
American preoccupations and the forward-edges of its rising culture. A
solid new-word book, well-researched, with many citations,
explanations, and supporting commentary.


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