Teenage slang "schiznick/shiz" (= great, cool)--Query

Joel Shaver vole at NETW.COM
Wed Feb 4 04:29:36 UTC 2004

What's interesting is, though I hadn't connected the two until I saw it
written, these words are formed with a similar infix to what my
grandparents and my dad always used to use in what they called
"carnival language" (one of the many pig-latinesque "languages" English
has accumulated).   They said the carnies used to speak it to confuse
and rip off customers.  The infix was more like ee-iz, though.  I'm
sure something like this could have been developed twice by different
groups of people, though it would be interesting to see if there is any

Joel Shaver

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> Shiznik is apparently a variant of  'shiznit' which is formed by
> infixing -izn- to 'shit'. The recent popularization is due to the
> influence of rapper Snoop Dogg fo' shizzle.


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