Jimmies (1949); Apologies to Kathleen Miller

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   This is a little earlier than previously posted for "jimmies" ("sprinkles"
for ice cream).

Nashua Telegraph - 4/22/1949
...30c I Cones with JIMMIES 10c-15c j Banana ICE CREAM i Date Nut, Maple Nut,
Frozen.....hour when you retire Saturday nighr. Brick ICE CREAM in the
followcitv. --TONIGHT Infant.....Tel. 5120 Pearl Emmons' Beauty Shop Lanolin CREAM
Oil Permanonts "Steamed in CREAM.....35c CHILDREN'S TICKETS ON SALE AT BOX
Nashua, New Hampshire   Friday, April 22, 1949  567 k
   22 April 1949, NASHUA TELEGRAPH (Nashua, New Hampshire), pg. 18, col. 8:
_TONIGHT at Colburn's!_
Banana Split 30c
Cones with Jimmies  10s-15c
Banana Ice Cream
Date Nut, Maple Nut, Frozen
Pudding, Popsicles and
Teddy Bears.
Homemade Style Candies.
Colburn's, 7 Main St.  Advt.

Nashua Telegraph - 7/16/1949
...Cones with JIMMIES Popsicles 5c 20 Kinds ICE CREAM 3 Kinds Sherbets
Colburn's, 7 Main.....FOUNTAIN Banana Splits Fruit Drinks lOc ICE CREAM Sodas
Special Sundaes 25c..
Nashua, New Hampshire   Saturday, July 16, 1949  640 k


   I apologize publicly to Kathleen Miller.
   I have learned in a private communication that the errors in WIlliam
Safire's column were his alone.  Safire's desire to ignore my work for eight years,
then to bury it, then to insult me recently, was his alone.
   Kathleen Miller has also told me that she has no influence at all over the
City section (that cannot possibly publish a "Big Apple" article now because
of two throw-away lines published eight years ago).
   A lot of wrong has been done by the NEW YORK TIMES, over an incredibly
long time, involving many editors, that has ruined the history of New York City
   Kathleen Miller is not an employee of the NEW YORK TIMES and is not
responsible for any of it.  I have now learned her (non-) role in this 12-year-old
mess, and I immediately apologize.

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