Teenage slang "schiznick/shiz" (= great, cool)--Query

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Wed Feb 4 18:57:30 UTC 2004

>> But I would guess Snoop Dog is the more recently popularizer.
> Or more recently still, Jay-Z. I think there was a bigger
> spike in -iz- talk after "H.O.V.A." than from any of Snoop's
> work, at least outside of serious rap fans.

You are probably right, but Snoop's album "The Last Meal" did go
platinum. It has a follow-up to his 1993 song, "Who Am I (What's My
Name)?" on the album "Doggystyle," called "Snoop Dogg (What's My Name,
Pt. 2)", featuring a "fo' schizzle" though without "my nizzle."

S-N-double-O-P D-O-double-gi-zee
D-O-double-gi-zee, D-O-double-gi-zee!
Izzle kizzle, fo' schizzle
My nizzle, what you sizzle?
Fo' schizzle bizzle, ha ha

The 1994 song only has a little bit of the izzness:

"Nine-trizzay's the yizzear..."

(I am relying on lyrics transcribed by fan pages for these quotes,
though from several sources, which, while similar enough to confirm the
lyrics, are different enough to hope that the lyrics weren't just
copied from site to site.)


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