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    On the local news tonight was a puff piece about a "sparty"--a "spa
party."  The reporter mentioned the word "sparty" often, like it's a hip new word
you just have to know..
   Michigan State University's Spartans also turn up here...Unfortunately,
there's not a neat neologism for "Super Bowl Party."

SPARTY--64, 600 Google hits
SPARTY MICHIGAN STATE--4,570 Google hits
SPARTY PARTY--12,500 Google hits
SPARTY SPA PARTY--92 Google hits
SPARTY SWING PARTY--341 Google hits

        Sparty is an event planning division of Lexi Design Spa Consulting
that creates on-location spa parties. The parties mix massage treatments with
customized catering, music and gift bags. --C.G.

Goods and Services  IC 044. US 100 101. G & S: SPArties or SPArty Mobile Day
Spa Parties; Full service day spa services in an individual, group, or party
setting; Spa services are brought on-site to a home, office or location of
choice; Includes all services in a full service day-spa. FIRST USE: 20020306.
Design Search Code  020302 020326 180304 260113 260121
Serial Number   78328517
Filing Date November 15, 2003
Current Filing Basis    1A
Original Filing Basis   1A
Owner   (APPLICANT) Rotella Janet Marie INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 1266 South
Military Trail #561 Deerfield Beach FLORIDA 33442
Description of Mark The mark consists of Black and with reverse. It is a
balck bathtub on wheels with the word Sparty or SPArties - the "SPA" are always in
uppercase letters and reversed in color. It will say Mobile Spa Parties or
Mobile Day Spa.
Type of Mark    SERVICE MARK
Register    PRINCIPAL
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE


   "Fire Hydrant" is one of the most common offenses.  It's also an easy
ticket to write.  You can't be within 15 feet of the thing.  There are usually no
painted lines, or the lines aren't drawn to scale.  You can find an offense at
every fire hydrant.
   But I can't even remember the last time I heard "fire plug."  I could
probably count the "fire plug" uses on my fingers.  That's what I mean by "rare."


   I've been looking around for Valentine's Day food (chocolate) terms.
   OED ("miserable on food") has "chocolat(e)y" from the January 1965
ECONOMIST!  Merriam-Webster has 1926.
   Did Runkel's Cocoa coin "chocolaty"?  There are many hits for the slogan,
with the earliest being 1915 (below).
   Why is there no similar word for "vanilla" or "strawberry"?

   1 October 1915, TRENTON EVENING TIMES (Trenton, NJ), pg. 2, col. 3 ad:
   "You know, this cocoa _does_ taste better--It's so much smoother.  It's
Runkel's, you say?  Well, you just keep on buying it for ME--I certainly like
that 'chocolaty' taste."
   And you know, Hubby's RIGHT.  You can tell the difference at the first
taste.  It's a smooth, satisfying, "chocolaty" flavor that just hits the spot.
Try it--today--just go to your grocer's and
_the COCOA with that "Chocolaty" Taste_

   22 November 1926, EDWARDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER (Edwardsville, Illinois), pg.
3?, col. 4:
   Yum!  Such a wonderful chocolatey smell rose out of the cake!

TC, Runkel's Famous Cocoa, 1880-90s - ... tc, runkel's famous cocoa, 1880-90s
[bidders note: please enclose the "correct identification item " on all
emails/?S and/or on payments to antique images.] - Antique images online item
description antique (vintage) trade card / tradecard, litho, ex, 1880's-90's, "with
that chocolaty taste" grading scale used; filler / good (g)/ very good (vg)/
very good (vg )/excellent (ex)/ near mint(nm) fault terms used; wof : writing
on front, wob : writing on back, cw : corner wear, cb : corners bumped bidder
information regular item processing fees

TIME WARNER CENTER--The $1.7 billion Time Warner Center has opened at
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