Ed Keer edkeer at YAHOO.COM
Thu Feb 5 14:36:32 UTC 2004

I grew up in SE Pennsylvania and now live in Northern
NJ. I use both, but not sure which one is "native." I
remember having an issue becuase there is a fire
hydrant outside my house. I was giving directions to
my house to a NJ native and she looked at me funny
when I mentioned it. I can't remember if I said "plug"
or "hydrant."


--- Alan Hartley <ahartley at D.UMN.EDU> wrote:
> I *have* occasionally heard fireplug in other
> geographical contexts, but
> in Duluth, it's fire hydrant.
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> > Sender:       American Dialect Society
> > Poster:       Luanne von Schneidemesser
> <lvonschn at WISC.EDU>
> > Subject:      fireplug
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> >
> > Anyone know if fireplug (=fire hydrant) is
> regional?
> Alan Hartley

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