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Sat Feb 7 20:28:11 UTC 2004

>On Feb 7, 2004, at 14:50, Michael Newman wrote:
>>However, the problem is that it is hard to imagine any
>>"in-the-wild" uses of the term outside a few intimate incidents in
>>the bedroom and people recounting such incidents to others. The
>>specificity and yuck factors that make it attractive to the campaign
>>make people (in my experience) avoid talking about it.
>For what it's worth, I searched all available online erotica and
>pornographic fiction and fan fiction I could find for free, including
>newsgroups (such as*), to no avail. There's not a lot
>of restraint in that kind of writing, and there's millions of words of
>it. This particular "santorum" does not seem to be there.

That's not surprising. While there are fecaphiles??, there aren't
many. The vast majority of erotica writers would leave santorum out
of their stories, even kinky ones. Kinda ruin the mood, don't you
think? Still, I'm sure that at some point it'll appear, presumably in
some particularly graphic dom-sub scene.
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