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   This one has been making the rounds recently.  It was used in a NEW YORK 
POST story about "The Real Kerry."
JFK "JUST FOR KERRY--57 Google hits, 49 Google Groups hits
At St. Paul's, a posh prep school in New Hampshire, Kerry was not popular. On 
the hockey team, he was called "Keep-the-Puck Kerry" because he didn't like 
to pass to his teammates as he skated toward the goal. Barging into pickup 
games on the school's frozen ponds, he was known for stealing the puck from 
younger boys and shooting it into the woods. At a Republican Episcopalian school he 
was a Democrat and a Roman Catholic who worshiped John F. Kennedy. The boys 
reportedly joked that his own initials—also JFK—stood for "Just For Kerry." 
(Kerry told NEWSWEEK that the nickname is "bogus," made up a few years ago by a 
mean-spirited Boston Globe columnist.) Prep-school boys of that era were not 
supposed to grasp or grind; the ideal was "effortless grace." Kerry committed 
the cardinal schoolboy sin of showing his ambition.
Re: Michael Paine's cousin in the White House !!!
... and wear his Oxford cotton shirts embossed with his initials, ``JFK,´´ as 
if the ... as
one said, joked that the initials stood for ``Just For Kerry.´´ He even ... 
alt.assassination.jfk - Apr 14, 2003 by Gary Buell - View Thread (3 articles)
 He was an avid hockey and soccer player. He also founded a political> > 
society; and it was obvious he was smitten by the Kennedy mystique.> > After a 
visit to Boston in the spring of 1960, Kerry was heading for> > North Station to 
return to St. Paul's when he saw a crowd gathering.> > It was a Kennedy rally.>
 > ``I was very taken. It just captured you, the whole excitement, and> > the 
possibility of change. The next day I gave a speech about why he> > should be 
president.´´> > Kerry was mocked by some at St. Paul's as a Kennedy wannabe. 
He'd sign> > his papers and wear his Oxford cotton shirts embossed with his> > 
initials, ``JFK,´´ as if the political affinity were preordained.> > Behind 
his back, classmates rolled their eyes and, as one said, joked> > that the 
initials stood for ``Just For Kerry.´´> > He even briefly dated Jacqueline Bouvier 
Kennedy's half sister, and> > was at the Bouvier mansion in Newport, R.I., 
one summer day when his> > idol, Jack Kennedy, happened by and invited him out 
for a sail.
   "SAT" means just that.  It no longer officially means "Scholastic Aptitude 
Test."  It could just as easily mean "Kentucky Fried Chicken."
   The new movie THE PERFECT SCORE tries something for "SAT," but I forget 
it.  "Satisfying And Tempting"?  One web site has "Scholastic Apparel 
Tribulation."  Has anything else caught on?

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