JFK (Just For Kerry)

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What does this story have to do with dialects or word etymology?  Are
personal initials now to be antedated?

At 04:19 AM 2/8/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>    This one has been making the rounds recently.  It was used in a NEW YORK
>POST story about "The Real Kerry."
>JFK "JUST FOR KERRY--57 Google hits, 49 Google Groups hits
>  http://msnbc.msn.com/id/4052226/
>At St. Paul's, a posh prep school in New Hampshire, Kerry was not popular. On
>the hockey team, he was called "Keep-the-Puck Kerry" because he didn't like
>to pass to his teammates as he skated toward the goal. Barging into pickup
>games on the school's frozen ponds, he was known for stealing the puck from
>younger boys and shooting it into the woods. At a Republican Episcopalian
>school he
>was a Democrat and a Roman Catholic who worshiped John F. Kennedy. The boys
>reportedly joked that his own initials—also JFK—stood for "Just For
>(Kerry told NEWSWEEK that the nickname is "bogus," made up a few years ago
>by a
>mean-spirited Boston Globe columnist.) Prep-school boys of that era were not
>supposed to grasp or grind; the ideal was "effortless grace." Kerry committed
>the cardinal schoolboy sin of showing his ambition.
>Re: Michael Paine's cousin in the White House !!!
>.... and wear his Oxford cotton shirts embossed with his initials,
>``JFK,´´ as
>if the ... as
>one said, joked that the initials stood for ``Just For Kerry.´´ He even ...
>alt.assassination.jfk - Apr 14, 2003 by Gary Buell - View Thread (3 articles)
>  He was an avid hockey and soccer player. He also founded a political> >
>society; and it was obvious he was smitten by the Kennedy mystique.> >
>After a
>visit to Boston in the spring of 1960, Kerry was heading for> > North
>Station to
>return to St. Paul's when he saw a crowd gathering.> > It was a Kennedy
>  > ``I was very taken. It just captured you, the whole excitement, and> >
> the
>possibility of change. The next day I gave a speech about why he> > should be
>president.´´> > Kerry was mocked by some at St. Paul's as a Kennedy
>He'd sign> > his papers and wear his Oxford cotton shirts embossed with
>his> >
>initials, ``JFK,´´ as if the political affinity were preordained.> > Behind
>his back, classmates rolled their eyes and, as one said, joked> > that the
>initials stood for ``Just For Kerry.´´> > He even briefly dated
>Jacqueline Bouvier
>Kennedy's half sister, and> > was at the Bouvier mansion in Newport, R.I.,
>one summer day when his> > idol, Jack Kennedy, happened by and invited him
>for a sail.

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