"Life is uncertain...eat dessert first" (1985)

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"Life is uncertain, eat dessert first"-
--sign on the Buttercup Bakery Shop, 973 Second Avenue, New York, NY
(known for its cupcakes--ed.)

   This phrase has been used by many bakeries,  Who said it?  Where did it
   Does it comes from a bumper sticker?
   Was it said in 1985 at Yale?

EAT DESSERT FIRST--7,610 Google hits, 7,350 Google Groups hits
EAT DESSERT FIRST + LIFE IS UNCERTAIN--3,740 Google hits, 4,030 Google Groups
EAT DESSERT FIRST + LIFE IS SHORT--1,440 Google hits, 1,129 Google Group hits

Re: Intermittent Login Problems
... then restart the system. this is in the last issue of the PipeLine.
Martin McDonald SGI Life is unpredictable. Eat dessert first.
comp.sys.sgi - Feb 28, 1990 by martin - View Thread (6 articles)

Re: The SuperBowl was in 3-D again...
I wanted to post this Sunday, but we were in the middle of recovering
from a fairly massive system crash on lopez. We did take a ...
rec.video - Feb 1, 1990 by Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. - View
Thread (5 articles)

Re: Re: weight loss
... Manoj Patel, (The board of trustees do not let NCSU Dispatch. me
represent the university
- sorry) Eat dessert first - you never know what's going to happen.
sci.med - Aug 13, 1989 by DISPATCH at NCSUVM.BITNET - View Thread (65 articles)

Re: new Sun type-4 keyboards
... . (Opinions expressed are my own, and not officially endorsed by BBN.)
what he said :-) -- Matt Landau Life is uncertain -- eat dessert first. ...
comp.sys.sun - May 25, 1989 by Matt Landau - View Thread (23 articles)

Learning the MAC
... Thanks, Kevin -----
Words to live by: Life is uncertain, eat dessert FIRST! ...
comp.sys.mac.programmer - May 1, 1989 by Kevin Flanagan - View Thread (3

INFO-MAC Digest V4 #78
... Richard Crane "Life is uncertain; eat dessert first." ---
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 86 10:17:44 EDT From: ms1g at andrew.cmu.edu (Mark Steven ...
mod.mac - Jun 17, 1986 by Moderator Dwayne Virnau... - View Thread (1 article)

INFO-MAC Digest V3 #48
... Any reponse would be appreciated, either to the net or directly to me on
CRANER at YALEVMX Thanks, Richard S. Crane "Eat Dessert First, Life is Uncertain
fa.info-mac - Oct 16, 1985 by info-mac at cca.UUCP - View Thread (1 article)In
order to show you

Goods and Services  (CANCELLED) IC 042. US 100. G & S: restaurant services.
FIRST USE: 19930614. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19930614
Mark Drawing Code   (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number   74532010
Filing Date June 1, 1994
Current Filing Basis    1A
Original Filing Basis   1A
Published for Opposition    March 7, 1995
Registration Number 1896678
Registration Date   May 30, 1995
Owner   (REGISTRANT) Pour la France!, Inc. CORPORATION COLORADO 650 South
Cherry Street, Suite 1200 Denver COLORADO 80222
Attorney of Record  Robert L. Brown
Type of Mark    SERVICE MARK
Register    PRINCIPAL
Live/Dead Indicator DEAD
Cancellation Date   June 8, 2002

Chronicle Telegram - 9/29/1993
...The Washington Post "Life's uncertain. EAT DESSERT FIRST." It's a playful
bumper-sticker.....younger. Initially, her kids did EAT the DESSERT FIRST and
not the rest of the meal.....cookie, a cup of pudding may entice them to EAT
it FIRST, Satter says. But often they'll.....Telegfam Wednesday, September 29,
1 993 C1 DESSERT FIRST? You're kidding Carols Sugarman..
Elyria, Ohio Wednesday, September 29, 1993  474 k

Frederick Post - 7/2/1993
...kid will tell you that "life is short, EAT DESSERT FIRST." My philosophy
on restaurants.....my companions reminded me we came to EAT a meal, not munch
on chocolates. I was.....on the way out. OK, so far we've covered DESSERT and
chocolate. Is there anything I've.....and winner 7 days a week No credit cards
FIRST, right from the start, something needs..
Frederick, Maryland Friday, July 02, 1993  505 k

Salamanca Republican Press - 7/13/1932
...appetite completely destroyed if you EAT DESSERT FIRST of all. not said
Freddy. have.....said as he took another. should really EAT sandwiches Emily
said. have your.....and juicy it she added as she took her FIRST bite of the
peach. They ate until.....that's what makes a picnic a picnic to EAT lots and lots
and said Freddy happily..
Salamanca, New York   Wednesday, July 13, 1932  730 k

Daily Independent Journal - 1/16/1951
...to Onkel Choe Stalin. t One should EAT DESSERT FIRST, a medico advises.
Maybe so.....major new talents on the literary horizon, book critic David
Dempsey says that readers.....and bag as many pheasants as they can EAT. More vexing
are the tasks of an American.....industry seems fated to be one of the FIRST
casualties of war preparedness. And..
San Rafael, California Tuesday, January 16, 1951  632 k

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