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"ROGELACH" CORRECTION--That "Gastric Jews" article was from JEWISH CURRENTS,

SHIT HAPPENS + HUSTLER--I thought that HUSTLER magazine would be a good place
to look for "shit happens."  Either the ads or the copy might have had it.
The NYPL catalog says it has those years in the 1980s, but somehow the two
years I requested weren't on the shelf.  Nothing is easy.


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> 22 Nov 1956 _Van Nuys(CA) Valley News_ 4-D
> (The classified pages)
> Location/Location/Location  [header for ad]
> <<The 3 things to look for when you buy a home.>>

   This is curious.  According to, the VALLEY NEWS (Van Nuys,
CA) was just updated on 1-29-2004.  (My long-forgotten "location location
location" post was in December.)  This is the description:

The Valley News newspaper was located in Van Nuys, California. This database
is a fully searchable text version of the newspaper for the following years:
1966-67, and 1973.

   Can someone check out the following?  (I can't open up the database on
this home computer--where I am still the Addams County Historical Society.)

Frederick Post - 4/12/1930
...LOCATION." At Long Foster we feel there are THREE THINGS which are
important to anyone.....real estate business which goes "There are THREE THINGS which
are important about LOCATION, LOCATION, AND..
Frederick, Maryland Saturday, April 12, 1930  532 k

(According to, the company was founded in 1968.  This
cannot be from 1930--ed.)

Van Nuys News - 6/10/1956 Two 3 bedroom homes. Reseda VAN NUYS LOCATION. Fireplace, patios, BBQ,
fenced.....Trees. Best LOCATION. THE REALTY HOUSE 5818 VAN NUYS Bl. ST 6-7360
Open weekdays 'til 9 p.....With Chavin 4415 Ventura ST 9-0331 11-VAN NUYS
District 11-VAN NUYS Distric The BEST.....2-BEDROOM CARPETED We repeat-LOCATION
LOCATION, LOCATION. charming home with big..
Van Nuys, California Sunday, June 10, 1956  849 k

Valley News - 11/22/1956
...Excellent LOCATION. Asking VACANT CLOSE IN VAN NUYS. only down. 2-bedroom
and den Large.....CHOICE LOCATION NEAR Kester elementary and VAN NUYS junior
high schools. Just 9 months.....lo volume business. Write r. S. Box 237 VAN
NUYS Nfews, VAN NUYS. CASH FOR YOUR EQUITY.....Ave. ST 6-1860. Eves. ST 0-0053
LOCATION LOCATION 'LOCATION The 3 things to look for..
Van Nuys, California Thursday, November 22, 1956  868 k

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