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Prof. R. Sussex sussex at UQ.EDU.AU
Wed Feb 11 04:34:31 UTC 2004

I think it's generally acknowledged that loss of -ing and -ed in
prenominal modifiers is a US-inspired phenomenon: dive tender, finish
line, can fruit, etc.

In Australia there appears to be a bifurcation between "frypan" and
"frying pan". The latter is a skillet; the former an electric one,
perhaps from a product name supplied by the manufacturer of the first
popular such product. Many Australian speakers, though, deny such a
distinction and use one term or the other for both implements. I note
that MW has "frying pan" as the head entry. AmSpeech (v38, 1963),
according to OED, notes that the electric implement's launch prompted
the use of "frypan".

Is there a bifurcation like this in AmE? What is the status of
"frying pan" nowadays?

Roly Sussex


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