Boat and Royal Family: Poker Terms

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Feb 11 16:43:09 UTC 2004

me, last night:
>>Boat is very general.  Royal family I've never heard, but then royal
>>flushes don't come up that often (although more often in wild-card
>>games).  Ooops, just saw Doug sent the same message (I remembered to
>>look at my mailer this time), but I'll send this anyway just to
>>confirm the point.  I've played in California, New England,
>>Wisconsin, and various places in between; (full) boat is indeed quite
>>general.  There are also various terms for the unfortunate 3-pair
>>hand and the superfluous two-trips hand, both occurring periodically
>>in 7-card games.

Of course, the relevant brain cells had clicked off when I was trying
to remember the last two terms, so I had to ask Barbara Abbott for a
prod.  The 3-pair hand is a "full gas station", the superfluous
double trips (e.g. KKK999) is a "full hotel".  The latter is
presumably based on Monopoly, although the difference between a house
and a hotel is functionally relevant in that game.


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