ABB (Anyone But Bush); Astropreneurs; Parve, Hechsher (1933)

Alice Faber faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Thu Feb 12 04:08:20 UTC 2004

Jim Parish wrote:
>Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>>  When they say "ABB" (Anybody but Bush) they say it as if they
>>really mean it.
>>  ---Christopher Hitchins in today's WALL STREET JOURNAL, 11
>>February 2004, pg.
>>  A18, col. 5.
>>     I remember ABC (Anyone But Cuomo).  Unfortunately, that gave New Yorkers
>>  George Pataki.
>>     ABB (Anyone/Anybody But Bush) makes less sense.  I suppose a "C" name is
>>  no longer required?
>I seem to recall ABM (Anybody But McGovern) from 1972.

That rings a bell...

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