your alls

Stahlke, Herbert F.W. hstahlke at BSU.EDU
Thu Feb 12 15:29:57 UTC 2004

I just came out of a doctoral oral exam in music.  The candidate grew up in the Louisville area and attended the UofL.  He has lived for some time in Central Indiana, has a masters in music from Butler U., Indianapolis, and is completing his doctoral program at Ball State.  In the course of discussion about his dissertation topic, he used the phrase "your alls ideas".  This was the only you all or your all form in two hours.  On Google, "your alls" gets 360 hits, some of which don't count because Alls is also a family name ("your Alls family genealogy").  "Youralls" gets 12.  "you all" gets 11.4m, many of which aren't dialectal ("Thank you all!") and "y'all" gets 156k, but Google deletes the apostrophe before searching, even with "y'all" in quotes, so I'm not sure what that number means.  "Yalls" (apostrophes deleted by Google) gets 4150.  I'm surprised at the low number of possessive forms, .04% of total forms searched.


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