slider/Slyder(R), Gut-bomb

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Feb 13 05:50:05 UTC 2004

>What is the story of this name for a White Castle Hamburger?  Did WC's
>registered name, "Slyder," come first, or the popular nickname for their
>hamburger, "slider"?  And when?

I believe the trademark was registered after 1990 (one can look up the
exact date at USPTO). I suppose this is deliberately "retro"?

The slang term "slider" meaning "[small greasy] hamburger" (White Castle
style or similar) was used in the 1960's according to my own recollection.
It was not restricted to White Castle in my experience. The folk etymology
said that the burger was small and greasy enough that it slid down the
throat without the need for active chewing or swallowing ... or something
like that. I believe no major company would have advertised "sliders" (nor
"gut-bombs") back then.

-- Doug Wilson

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