Antedating of bagel (1916)

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Sun Feb 15 07:52:07 UTC 2004

Fred Shapiro found 1930.

2 Jan. 1916 _Fort Wayne(IN) Journal-Gazette_ the Sunday Magazine section,
(no page), col. 2, a whole page of "The Immigrant in America" /The Story of
A Yiddish Family Exodus/by Sholom Aleichem.(copyright 1915 by the Press
Publishing Co.)/Authorized translation by Marion Weinstein. /OUR CROWD--

  <<Once, when I was visiting my brother Elihu, he caught me treating myself
to a bagel, which is a kind of pretzel.  The bagel was a fresh one, warm,
just out of the oven. >>

Does this still count, seeing as how it's a translation?

(And, if it does, why doesn't "pizza" in the 1800's? count :)


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