Antedating of "goombah" 1954

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Mon Feb 16 04:36:04 UTC 2004

M-W and OED both use 1968 as they don't accept TV/movie cites, only printed ones(I suppose).  Even though many of us watched Rocky Graziano on the Martha Raye(premiered Sept. 1955) show and heard the word.

2 Dec. 1954 _Coshocton(OH) Tribune_  8/6  (newspaperarchive)

[A story on Italian boxers]

<<"I will beat this Giambra," he insists, "and prove Italy still produces fine fighters."  
  It's hard to see how he can be proved wrong.  Joey is a goombah, too!>>


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