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At 2/13/2004 12:50 AM -0500, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>I believe the trademark was registered after 1990 (one can look up the
>exact date at USPTO).

Thanks for the suggestion.

Chicago Hamburger Co. filed to register "Slyders", "Super Slyder", and
"Sneezy Slyder" in 1983 but abandoned them a year later.

White Castle filed to register "Slyders" in 1993.

Google Groups has a post to net.general on 11/4/1982 in which the author
maintains that "slider" is reserved for White Castle "hamburgers"
[quotation marks in the original].

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 3/26/1985: "A White Castle hamburger stand without the
distinctive blue lettering on its tower? It's like a slider without onions."

The TRIBUNE archives (1985 to present) give 65 hits for [slider AND "White
Castle"], but only three hits for [slider AND hamburger AND NOT "White
Castle"], and only three hits for [slyder].  However in most cases the
relevant terms do not occur in the abstracts and I'm too cheap to buy the
full articles.

Finally, thanks to all who responded to my questions, and sorry about
including "Gut--bomb" in the heading but not in the message.  I had
answered my own gut-bomb question by referring to RHDAS, but neglected to
edit the heading.  So unless you'd like to try antedating Lighter's 1969
cite, never mind.

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