Wo Tips, Peeling Indian, Nance

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Tue Feb 17 17:17:27 UTC 2004

   A few items between birding.

WO TIPS--Seen at this "Don Lee" chain restaurant:

PEELING INDIAN--Usually called the "tourist tree" of the peeling bark, like a sunburnt tourist.  The tour guide used this name for it here.

Two species of nance are common in Panama, nance colorado and nance blanco. Both grow profusely in acid soil. The bark of the nance colorado is used by campesinos to treat fish nets against mildew and fungus. It also is used for medicinal purposes such as the treatment of “athlete’s foot” and other skin fungus diseases. Wood of the nance trees is highly in demand for firewood as it burns leaving a fine white ash. Nance is harvested by shaking the tree. Come October you can buy a bottle of those “yellow things” on your way to the Interior and make Chicha de Nance this way:
Mash the contents of 1 bottle of nance. Add about a quart of water. Add sugar to taste and serve very cold or over ice. It is a great thirst quencher.

("Nance" is very important here.  I did a quick check of the revised OED and didn't see it.  PLEASE tell me that I missed it.  OED can't possibly be THAT bad!--ed.)

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