Black Coffee with Sugar

Benjamin Barrett bjb5 at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue Feb 17 19:50:06 UTC 2004

Thanks to everyone for their kind and interesting replies. I made an
addendum to the black coffee entry.

What I thought most interesting was the discrepancy between regular coffee
in Chicago and New York, though Grant Barrett's post indicates the situation
is far from straightforward.

In Seattle, a regular coffee means drip.

Benjamin Barrett

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>Do people in Chicago still ask for coffee "regular" (meaning
>no milk or sugar)?  If so, how do they ask for black with sugar?
>David Barnhart
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>  (Of course in NY I could ask
>for "regular", but then I'll get cream as well as sugar.)  The
>thing with sugar is that it really matters how much is added,
>unlike (in my vicarious
>experience) cream/milk.

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>A regular coffee is any of these, in rough order of frequency:
>--caffeinated coffee with whitener and two sugars
>--caffeinated coffee with whitener and one sugar --caffeinated
>coffee with whitener --nothing but caffeinated coffee
>A black coffee is, in rough order of frequency:
>--nothing but caffeinated coffee
>--caffeinated coffee with sugar
>--caffeinated coffee with room at the top so you can add your
>own whitener
>The fun part is where the "black" and "regular" coffees overlap.

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