100 Typical Panamanian Recipes (2002)

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   "Chicheme, "gallo pinto," "carimanolas," "hojaldre"--all this stuff has to be in the OED.

   A local pizza place.  I didn't see anything special on the menu, but take a look.  How about pasta "Rossini (con polli en salsa roja)"?

   The local Borders or Barnes & Noble.  You can probably order cookbooks online.  I bought the following book (available only in Spanish).

(GOOGLE)(A nice English description-ed.)
PATACONES: green plantain mashed and fried served as appetizers or like french fries to accompany meals.

TAJADAS: ripe plantain sliced lengthwise and fried served as a complement to meals.  It is sweet and often confused with a dessert.

PLATANOS EN TENTACION: can be made with ripe plantains or bananas cut lengthwise and baked or broiled with plenty of butter and brown sugar with a sprinkle of cinnamon, sometimes with nutmeg or cheese.  It has to be eaten hot and served to accompany a main course.

CARIMANOLAS: made of manioc (yuca)-based dough with an oval sausage shape, filled with meat and fried.  It is  eaten hot as a snack or with meals.  Also called "enyucados".

YUCA FRITA: manioc boiled and fried, may replace French fries.

EMPANADAS: corn turnovers filled with ground meat and fried.  It can also be made of flour and baked.  Served as snack or appetizer.

TORTILLAS DE MAIZ: corn tortilla fried and served for breakfast, snacks or with meals.  In the countryside it usually replaces a serving of bread.

TAMAL: cornmeal stuffed with pork or chicken and some vegetables, wrapped in a square shape in banana leaves and broiled.  La Chorrera, a small town 30 kms. from Panama City is famous for its giant-size tamales to which hot sauce and pasas (raisins) are added.

TAMAL DE OLLA: same as a tamal but baked and served as a pie.

BOLLO DE MAIZ NUEVO: young cornmeal dough boiled in its own leaves.

BOLLO DE MAIZ PREƑADO: young cornmeal dough filled with ground meat and boiled in its leaves.  It is also a specialty of La Chorrera.

CHICHEME: beverage made of cornmeal cooked with water, sugar and cinnamon.  "Chicheme Chorrerano" is very popular and well known throughout the country.

CHICHA: cold fruit juices with sugar and water.

TASAJO: sun-dried meat cooked with vegetables.

SANCOCHO: the country's national dish and an entire meal in itself.  Chicken is cooked in pieces and simmered in water, vegetables, plantains, manioc, otoe, corn, yam and flavored with a lot of culantro.  Ingredients may differ slightly according to the region.  Served with white rice and hot sauce.

ARROZ CON POLLO: chicken cooked with vegetables, then boned and mixed with rice.  Practically every Latin American country rates it among the favorite dishes but rice and chicken are about all they have in common.

GALLO PINTO: red pinto beans cooked with pork and then mixed with rice and fried.

GUACHO: heavy soup with rice and beans cooked with pork or seafood.

ARROZ CON GUANDU: rice cooked in coconut milk with pigeon peas.

FUFU: a typical dish from the province of Bocas del Toro and the northern coast.  Fried fish cooked in coconut milk with plantains, manioc, yam.  Served with a lot of hot sauce.

HOJALDRE: fried flour tortilla served for breakfast.

SARIL: beverage made of sorrell.  The bright red crisp "petals"-calyces surrounding the seed- are boiled in water, brown sugar with grated ginger root and strained.  Served very cold with ice.

MONDONGO: tripe prepared with vegetables, peas and tomatoes.  Served with white rice and hot sauce.

CEVICHE: raw fish marinated with lime, onions and hot hili.  Served as appetizer.

SAOS: of Jamaican origin but widely eaten as an appetizer through-out the country.  Pig or cow's feet cooked and marinated in lime, onion with hot chili peppers.

Dora de Billingslea
Editora Geminis (egeminis at sinfo.net)
Printed in Colombia
106 pages, paperback, $7.45
Edicion Revisada 2002

Arroz con aji dulce...25
Arroz con bacalao y coco...28
Arroz con cangrejos...27
Arroz con circuelas nacionales...29
Arroz con coco y camaroncitos titi...24
Arroz con guandu y coco...21
Arroz con pasa salado...23
Arroz con pollo...22
Arroz con zapallo...26
Gallo pinto...20
Guacho de mariscos...19
Carne entomatada...33
Conejo guisado...43
Costilla de puerco con vegetales...46
Costillita de res...48
Gallina con achiote...35
Guisado de papaya (Chitre)...41
Iguana adobada...38  (PLEASE DON'T EAT THE IGUANAS!--ed.)
Lechon asado...44
Lomo redondo o lomo de costillon...34
Mondongo con habas...39
Pollo en escabeche...37
Pollo con vegetales...36
Ropa vieja...49
Seren o mandungo (Chitre)...40
Seso de vaca con huevo...42
Chicha de arroz con pina...8
Chicha loja...9
Chicha de maiz...73
Arroz con cacao...71
Arroz con leche...72
Bollo de cuajada (Chiriqui)...77
Bollo de platano o geta...79
Bollo dulce con leche de coco...76
Bollos de maiz nuevo con coco...75
Bollos dulces con anis...74
Cocada con pepita de maranon...65
Dulce de zapallo...66
Dulce de maranon...62
Huevitos de leche...70
Mamallena o pudin de pan...67
Ensaladas de aguacate...3
Ansalada de papaya verde...2
Ensalada de yuca con bacalao...4
Ensalada de zapallo...1
Bollo de maiz con chicharron...80
Bollos prenados...82
Empanada de maiz con platano maduro...84
Mazamorra de maiz nuevo con nance y coco...81
Tamal de maiz nuevo...58
Tortillas de maiz con queso blanco...83
Almejas en salsa roja...56
Ceviche de conchuelas...55
Ceviche de pescado...54
Chucula o madun Kuna--Yala (San Blas)...52
Chupe de camaron...57
Lacro Kuna--Yala (San Blas)...51
Pescado en escabeche...50
Tuli machi Kuna--Yala (San Blas)...53
Pan blanco...5
Pan de huevo...6
Caldo de cabezas de pescado copn name...18
Sancocho de gallina...15
Sopa de camaron...16
Sopa de carne de pecho o hueso de rodilla...14
Sopa de mariscos con leche de coco...17
Sopa de pata de res con arvejas...13
Sopa de pata de res y gabanzo...11
Sopa de rabo de res...12
Aletas de tortuga guisadas...100
Bolleria o goyoria...91
Hojaldas u hojaldres...98
Platanos en almibar o tentacion...92
Torrejas de arvejas amarillas...93
Torrejas de frijoles cabeza negra...94
Torrejas de maiz nuevo...96
Torrejas de guineo...95
Tortuga apanada...99
Bunuelos de yuca...87
Pastel de yuca...89
Torrejas de yuca...97
Yuca hervida con cebolla y mantequilla...86

Los aniversarios de las Bodas y su simbolismo...101
Menu de una boda tipica...102
Desayunos tipocs...102
Equivalencias y abreviaturas...105
Menus tipicos para ocasiones especiales...103

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