frying pans

Page Stephens hpst at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Feb 18 16:21:50 UTC 2004

 Out of sheer curiosity does anyone out there know how to properly season a
cast iron skillet or for that matter any other cast iron cooker like a Dutch

It takes a little knowledge or you end up with everything sticking to the
pan since they cannot be used off the shelf.

If you do it right, however, the implement will work like a charm and who
needs Teflon.

My friend the cowboy singer Glenn Ohrlin who claims that he has eaten
pancakes every day of his life used to dedicate two skillets entirely to
pancakes and if you even attempted to cook anything else in them Glenn would
come down on you like stink on shit.

Glenn and I used make pancakes every morning which we would eat and then
duly feed to the dog, the cats and most importantly the horses since it
brought them up to the house so that we could saddle them up if we wanted to
go riding or get some work done.

Never, and I say never did we allow a drop of water or for that matter oil
touch those sacred pans which I assume Glenn is still using.

Page Stephens

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