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James Stalker stalker at MSU.EDU
Wed Feb 18 19:16:56 UTC 2004

You might try the Lowlands list.  Lots of Scots there whou would be willing
to answer your question.

lowlands-l at

Jim Stalker

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Subject: Question about Scottish

>      Would someone familiar with Scottish please let me know whether
> "Gie it us" (Give it to us) can be said. Or must one use the
> preposition "to": ("Gie it to us")?
>     I'm interested in cant "geetus" (= money; first attestation: 1926;
> variant spelling: "gheetus," which seems to indicate a hard g-).  The
> etymology is unknown, but if Scottish "Gie it us" exists, perhaps
> this is the basis of "geetus," with "it" here likely referring to
> stolen money.
> Gerald Cohen
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