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For anyone who might be interested, my colleague did a little googling on
this topic.


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The evidence appears to be that this is standard AmE. So I've
learnt/learned something new that had escaped my notice.

By google:
as good of a       30,500
how good of a    22,000
as bad of a           1830
how bad of a        3760
as new of a              54
how new of a           93
as old of a                49
how old of a           311
as beautiful of a       97
how beautiful of a  209
as ugly of a             78
how ugly of a          42

and with other degree modifiers
that good of a         15,900
too good of a          14,100
so good of a               474
very good of a            118
quite good of a             20
real good of a              13
really good of a            17


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