Chocolatte, Welcome Drink (1965); "Primeval rainforests bedecked with clouds..."

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   Greetings from the Gran Hotel Nacional in David, Panama.
   Those interested in how NOT to write tourism literature should check out my itinerary for today:

This enchanted land is the Chiriqui Highlands, the part of the Cordillera Central that defines the northern border of the province of Chiriqui.  Primeval rainforests bedecked with clouds, noisy, chattering birds flash brilliant iridescent colors as they dart about their daily chores, flowering epiphytes bloom en masse high above the forest floor while gurgling streams glisten and tumble over great boulders in their dance towars the sea.  (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!--ed.)  It is a beautiful landscape of cloud forests, volcanic peaks, coffee plantations and home to most of Panama's Guaymi Indians.


WELCOME DRINK--110,000 Google hits, 1,100 Google Groups hits
WELCOMING DRINK--2,060 Google hits, 80 Google Groups hits

   I just had the Gran Hotel National's welcome drink, a Seco Herrerano.  Actually, I just had ice water, but whatever.
   OED does not record "welcome drink."
   There are earlier "hits" in, but this is the first I spotted for the free hotel alcoholic thing.

Indiana Evening Gazette - 11/16/1965 found here. RATE INCLUDES FOLLOWING: 'WELCOME DRINK upon arrival in Jamaica rnfle.....overlooking the Caribbean 'Complimentary WELCOME DRINK fruit basket placed in your..
Indiana, Pennsylvania   Tuesday, November 16, 1965  786 k


   We visited the coffee plant of Cafe Ruiz ( at Boquete, Chiriqui (Panama).  The coffee is very expensive, but very very good.
   "Fair Trade Coffee" was discussed and dismissed by the Cafe Ruiz tour guide.  "FTC" should be recorded.
   The Cafe Ruiz coffee shop offered the following.  I don't think I've recorded "chocolatte" before, but there are 2,680 Google hits and some trademarks for it:



   We also visited a marmalade factory.  Excellent, excellent stuff!  Just don't tell GOURMET or the NY TIMES' R. W. Apple about Boquete!  The place is quickly being discovered, as is Panama.  Tourism has shot up in the past four years.
   CONSERVAS DE ANTANO offers Guanabana, Maranon, and other flavors.  There's not much "word-worthy" to report there.
   We met the owner, a Canadian-Panamanian named Cecilia MacIntyre (macintyre at  I begged her to write a cookbook for this area.  If you have regional food questions for this area, write to her care of our Panama Star tour group.

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