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   More "Caesar salad," from Proquest's LOS ANGELES TIMES (now almost through December 1957):

   1. Obituary 2 -- No Title
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Nov 7, 1956. p. B8 (1 page):
_Cesare Cardini_
   Funeral services for Cesare Cardini, 60, creator of Cesare salad, will be conducted today at 2:30 p.m. in Pierce Bros. Beverly Hills Chapel, followed by interment in Inglewood Park Cemetery.

   2. Cesar Cardini, Creator of Salad, Dies at 60
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Nov 5, 1956. p. 31 (1 page):
   Cesar Cardini, 60, credited with the invention of the Cesar salad, died Saturday night in Good Samaritan Hospital following a stroke at his home, 8738 Bonner Drive.
   Mr. Cardini devised the salad while operating the restaurant and hotel which still bears his name in Tijuana.  Since 1935 he had lived in Los Angeles and was active in the marketing of the salad dressing he concocted.
   He was born in Lago Maggiore, Italy, worked in many European hotels an came to the United States when he was 20.  For a time, before going to Tijuana, he owned a restaurant in Sacramento.
   He leaves his widow Camille, a daughter Rosa of the Los Angeles address, two sisters, Maria and Carlotta of Italy, and two brothers, Alex and Caudencio, who are in the restaurant business in Mexico City.
   Funeral services are pending with Pierce Bros., Beverly Hills.


PEACHES AND CREAM--44,100 Google hits, 7,740 Google Groups hits

You come on like a dream, peaches and cream
Lips like strawberry wine
You're sixteen, you're beautiful and you're mine.
---Ringo Starr, "You're Sixteen" (1974) (He was 34--ed.)

   I had a delicious strawberries and cream while in Panama.  Peaches are also important there; I had peach ice cream at Nikko's.
   OED has "peaches and cream," as in a complexion, from 1901 George Ade.

The Galaxy. A Magazine of Entertaining Reading (1866-1878). New York: Feb 1870. Vol. VOL. IX., Iss. No. 2.; p. 214 (18 pages)
Second page:
   "She's just peaches and cream," said Rosenburgh, as he stared at the lily and rose complexion, the blue eyes and golden hair.  "I should like to take a spoon and eat her."

BY KATHERINE F. WILLIAMS.. Peterson's Magazine (1849-1892). Philadelphia: Jun 1878. Vol. VOL. LXXIII., Iss. No. 6.; p. 426 (5 pages)
First page:  Her complexion certainly was better.  There was no question of pink and white, it is true, but the dusky, muddy look was clearing away.  As it did so, one observed how delicate was the tracery of her eyebrows, how full and smooth were her temples.  Her lips, too, grew as scarlet as ripe barberries.  But the great charm was her magnificent coloring.  It was not that of milk and roses; say, rather, of peaches and cream.

   3. BOTH BEWITCHED; A Philadelphia Woman is Mesmerized by a Villain and Falls Under his Influence. ANOTHER CASE. That of a Pennsylvania Girl Who Runs Off With Her Father's Colored Coachman. UNACCOUNTABLE FOLLY.
The National Police Gazette (1845-1906). New York: Jun 11, 1887. Vol. VOLUME L., Iss. No. 508.; p. 6 (1 page) :
   Our Philadelphia correspondent, May 21, says:  Mary Emily Babbington, a voluptuous little blonde, with large blue eyes and a complexion all peaches and cream, applied to Lawyer William P. Swope for legal advice.

   4. --How She was Groomed--; -From "Acquired Beauty"--
Current Literature (1888-1912). New York: Feb 1890. Vol. VOL. IV, Iss. No. 2.; p. 117 (1 page):
   ...I walked to the long mirror in the drawing-room and, behold! a radiant, bright-eyed creature with youthful curves of face and head and shoulders, with a seventeen-inch waist and a complexion of peaches and cream burst upon my sight.

EDITED BY MRS MALLON. The Ladies' Home Journal (1889-1907). Philadelphia: Aug 1890. Vol. Vol. VII,, Iss. No. 9; p. 17 (1 page):
   A scarlet one gives a glow to a pale face, a blue one gives a rather cold look, a white one brings out all the color, a mauve one is rather trying to anybody who has not peaches and cream in the way of a complexion,...

The National Police Gazette (1845-1906). New York: Aug 30, 1890. Vol. VOLUME LVI., Iss. No.677.; p. 2 (1 page):
   Their complexions are of the peaches and cream hue, their limbs fully developed, they are full of sap, and the sight of a city mash makes them quiver and nearly sets them wild.


THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD--36,800 Google hits, 12,100 Google Groups hits.

   I was looking at the American Airlines "Sky Mall" catalog (  There was an ad for a "Sonic Mole Chaser."  The mole took one look at the thing and declared, "There goes the neighborhood!"
   I remember the 1960s Columbus cartoon, but I forget where it comes from.

 1. Santa Maria Discovers Southwest
By Richard Corrigan Washington Post Staff Writer. The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973). Washington, D.C.: Mar 25, 1966. p. B1 (1 page):
   "Go back, we don't want to be discovered."
   "Well, there goes the neighborhood."

   2. Flying Colors; Do We Want Little Green Men Moving in Next Door?
By Art Buchwald. The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973). Washington, D.C.: Apr 3, 1966. p. E7 (1 page):
   WHEN THE flying saucers were sighted over Ann Arbor, Mich. recently, the first reaction from one of the residents was "Dammit, there goes the neighborhood."

   3. Johnson Assails GOP 'Panic-Mongers'; President Campaigns for His Party Before Enthusiastic Crowds
By Carroll Kilpatrick Washington Post Staff Writer. The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973). Washington, D.C.: Oct 13, 1966. p. A1 (2 pages):
Pg. A15, Col. 1:
   "That sad point is made by an old joke of the day," Mr. Johnson said.  "When two Indians saw the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria sailing toward their shore, one groaned: 'Oh, Lord.  There goes the neighborhood.'"

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