lisps and homosexuals

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Tue Feb 24 05:02:22 UTC 2004

Doug Wilson just posted to the "Gay self-appellation" thread and cited HDAS
"gay boy" from 1904.

So, I went to see the exact language.  And then I read the cite above it for
"gay-and-frisky" which was rhyming slang for _whiskey_.

But the interesting part was the actual quote:

1904 Dunbar _Happy Hollow_ 248:  Whath the mattah?  Up againtht it? You look
a little ol' to be doin' the gay an' frithky.

Is there an earlier cite for imitating the stereotypical? gay lisp?  Or, am
I just misreading this cite?


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