"Word to the Mother"

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In the African American community, Word to *the* Mother is used in deference to the mother country--Africa.

Lynne Murphy <M.L.Murphy at SUSSEX.AC.UK> wrote:
It means, approximately, "that's the truth" or "that's real/genuine".

Then there's also "word up". Clarence Major (from Juba to Jive) has that
as 'call for attention; used as an expression of one's word of honor".

And then there's "word to your mother", which is defined on
urbandictionary.com as:

1) I fully agree with you, you nicely brought up fellow
2) Say hellow to your sexy milf
3) I'm a white boy in need of a cool sounding motto.

The last is undoubtedly directed to Vanilla Ice, who had the phrase in his
song "Ice, Ice Baby" (or whatever the name of it was). "Word Up" was the
title of a hit single by Cameo in 1988 (which has now infested my brain for
the rest of the evening.


--On Monday, February 23, 2004 9:53 am -0800 Jerome Foster

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> Dear linguists:
> As a superannuated English major I pride myself on keeping at least a =
> nodding acquaintance with current slang. However, there is one usage =
> that really confuses me- the use of the word "word." I've seen it it in =
> the Beetle Bailey cartoon used by the African-American lieutenant so I =
> guess it's mostly a black usage. But it was used in Yesterday's =
> Doonesbury strip by a white character and I've seen it used in an L.A. =
> Times aritcle on pop music. I've tried, unsuccessfully, to understand =
> it from the context of its use. I'd really appreciate it if one of you =
> could cllarify this for me.
> Thanks.
> Jerome Foster

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