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  From the Chicago Sun-Times, March 18, 1994, page 132, by Dan Cahill:

If you tune in to the NCAA Tournament on CBS, you might hear some words
or phrases you never have heard before. And they won't be coming from
Bob Knight. The culprit will be CBS studio analyst Clark Kellogg, who
has a language all his own when it comes to describing a basketball
game. You might have caught Kellogg's unique act on ESPN, where he has
worked as an analyst since 1988. In Kellogg's vernacular, a player
doesn't make an assist, he "drops a dime." A really nifty assist is
"dropping a shiny dime."  Kellogg picked up some of the terms during his
college (Ohio State) and NBA (Indiana Pacers) careers, but most of the
catchy phrases come from shoot-arounds and summer pickup games.

Tom Dalzell

Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:

>   OED also has "brunch" in 1896.  Perhaps this helps.
>New Oxford Item - 11/27/1896
> supposed to be the midday time between BREAKFAST and LUNCH. Fashion may
>be to issue invitations for a meal called "BRUNCH." This means
>a repast at 11 o'clock is quite safe to state that if the free LUNCH
>had not been knocked oat by the Eaines..
>New Oxford, Pennsylvania Friday, November 27, 1896  707 k
>   This is on  Neither HDAS nor the CASSELL DICTIONARY OF SLANG has
>"dime," meaning an assist in basketball.
>Arenas Displays Wizardry
>Gilbert Arenas highlighted a 95-87 Washington win over Chicago with 21
>points, 13 dimes and 12 boards.
>Re: USA Today Article
>... (For you non-basketball-holics, an assist is sometimes referred to as a
>dime. Thus,
>35 cents, 3.5 dimes, 3.5 assists. Follow that?) But let's run it anyway. ...
> - Apr 19, 2000 by Absaraka - View Thread
>(13 articles)
>Re: A Rant on Fans
>what do I prize most in a basketball player? ... Kidd who can make a pass on
>a dime, but
>also ... he averaged just under 4 per game....Wilt's career assist average
>was ...
> - Aug 15, 2000 by MJ - View Thread
>(80 articles)
>OTrib: Clunker vs. Kings again
>... You can't play basketball like that ... point guard Earl Boykins had six
>of those dimes,
>but three came ... Adonal Foyle and Jiri Welsch each tallied a single assist.
> - Dec 23, 2002 by Allen L - View Thread
>(1 article)
>... the ultimate point guard by dropping 10 dimes and taking ... Iverson that
>he is part of
>a basketball team and ... They each have recorded at least one assist this
>year ...
> - Dec 6, 1995 by Kim Hunt - View Thread (12
>Ralph Wiley on Thomas, Starbury, and other shots
>... to underestimate Isiah's capabilities in any basketball area. ... He
>started driving and
>dishing dimes, dropping that little ... Thomas of Assist-I. Who cares how
>much ...
> - Jan 8, 2004 by captainobvious - View
>Thread (2 articles)
>Very Early returns on the PG lotto
>... Watson went off for 11 dimes in 18 minutes versus the Wizards, presumably
>to remind
>Blake of ... Otherwise Watson's assist numbers are more like Banks and
>Anthony. ...
> - Oct 19, 2003 by cLIeNUX user - View Thread (1
>Re: Ruben, you got punked
>... d wager that he continues to hog boards and drop mucho dimes until shaq
>... question his
>rebounding numbers will drop when shaq returns, but his assist numbers may
> - Nov 4, 2002 by brinkm311 - View Thread
>(6 articles)
>Profile on Alvin at
>... Alvin, meanwhile, dropped 13 dimes without a single turnover and added 14
>points. ... triple-double
>against the Hawks and posting a 5.25-1 assist-turnover ratio ...
> - Apr 5, 2001 by VicG - View Thread (5
>Sportsline: Anderson Annoyed With Pitino
>... from point guard Kenny Anderson, who isn't even among the top 20 assist
>leaders in ... in
>the league, is disgusted with his slide down to about five dimes a game. ...
> - Apr 14, 2000 by Way Of The Ray -
>View Thread (4 articles)
>Re: anybody see the half time report...
>... of possessions? That's acutally good news. The suprising thing was
>his 1 assist. He is usually good for 6 dimes a night. He also ...
> - Nov 10, 1999

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