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   Some OED-type person asked me about "pot sticker."  I'll do some work on it tomorrow (Saturday).  I was hoping to first try the lazy method and see when the LOS ANGELES TIMES would have it, but "pot sticker" is not there through 1957.
   Merriam-Webster's 11th has 1975 for "a crescent-shaped dumpling filled usu. with pork, steamed, and then fried."

   As the Year 4671 Arrives, A New Wave of Snobbery Tempts Eager Diners; A New Wave of Snobbery Tempts Diners
By William Rice. The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973). Washington, D.C.: Feb 1, 1973. p. H1 (2 pages):
Pg. H14:
      _GUO TIE_
      _(Fried Jiao-zi)_
   Leftover boiled dumplings can be refrigerated and served fried at another meal.
   When fried they are called Guo tie which literally means "pot stickers."


   "Dark horse" is for those political dictionary people out there.  "Dark horse" is in William Safire's column this Sunday, and it's wrong.  (This is embarrassing.  He can't pay Kathleen Miller a few extra bucks?)

There is one word that Kerry and his connotation-conscious top staff deliberately resist: ''I don't like the word front-runner,'' Shrum told The Times, ''and John Kerry abominates it.''

This is one of the many horse-racing terms adopted by political writers. At the national convention in Boston, will anyone bolt? To use a term coined by Benjamin Disraeli in a novel, will a dark horse emerge? Is Kerry a shoo-in? (That's when corrupt jockeys form a ring to bet on a long shot, hold their mounts back and shoo in the horse that they have chosen to win. Do not spell it shoe-in; a shoo-in is a race in which the winner was the only one trying.)

8. Of whom or which nothing is generally known; about whose powers, etc., the public are ‘in the dark’.
  dark horse (Racing slang), a horse about whose racing powers little is known; hence fig. a candidate or competitor of whom little is known or heard, but who unexpectedly comes to the front. In U.S. Politics, a person not named as a candidate before a convention, who unexpectedly receives the nomination, when the convention has failed to agree upon any of the leading candidates.

  1831 DISRAELI Yng. Duke v. (Farmer), A dark horse, which had never been thought of..rushed past the grand stand in sweeping triumph. 1860 Sat. Rev. IX. 593/1 A Headship..often given by the College conclaves to a man who has judiciously kept himself dark. 1865 Sketches from Camb. 36 (Hoppe) Every now and then a dark horse is heard of, who is supposed to have done wonders at some obscure small college. 1884 in Harper's Mag. Aug. 472/1 A simultaneous turning toward a ‘dark horse’. 1885 A. BERESFORD-HOPE in Pall Mall G. 19 Mar. 10/1 Two millions of dark men..whose ignorance and stupidity could hardly be grasped. 1888 Boston (Mass.) Jrnl. 19 June 5/4 That a dark horse is likely to come out of such a complicated situation as this is most probable. 1891 N. GOULD Double Event 8 When he won the Regimental Cup with Rioter, a dark horse he had specially reserved to discomfort them. 1893 Standard 17 Apr. 6/6 Irish Wake, a ‘dark’ son of Master Kildare.

Edinburgh Advertiser - 9/24/1822
...s man won What is termed an outside or a DARK HORSE always tells well for heavy.....had strangely missed this Swap was a better HORSE than the Haphazard colt belonging to.....the same owner (Mr. and that HORSE having beat some very good ones in a..
Edinburgh, Midlothian Tuesday, September 24, 1822  594 k
Col 2:
   What is termed an _outside_ or a dark horse always tells well for heavy betters.

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